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15 Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

Weekends are for binging Netflix right?

I like a good Netflix binge just as much as the next person, it's the perfect company when you're doing jobs around the house or when you're writing blog posts just like this one. I thought I'd share 15 of my all time favourite Netflix shows with you today, the ones I always end up re-watching when I can't think of something else to watch.

Jane The Virgin
One of my all time favourite shows, I've rewatched it more times than I can remember and it still makes me laugh and cry. The show follows Jane a devote catholic girl who's saving herself for marriage accidentally inseminated at a routine check up, but the twist.. the biological father (who is married) happens to be her teenage crush. 5 Seasons of her telenovela life. 

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
Someone asked me which version of Sabrina I liked better and there isn't an answer, ones a comedy and one is horror. If you like dark shows which touch on cults, witches, satanic and just plain breathtaking shows then you will love this. The show follows Sabrina trying to balance her half-mortal life while fighting the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit. Currently two seasons, but impatiently waiting for season three.

Prison Break
I remember watching this when it was on tv, like before it was on Netflix. I had the biggest crush on Michael Schofield, it's insane how big of a crush it was. But anyway, the story follows two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Schofield, Burrows has been sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit, and obviously Schofield devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape and clear his name. 5 Seasons of the best television you'll probably ever watch. 

The Good Place
This show is probably the funniest show I've watched. The story follow Eleanor Shellstrop who wakes up in the afterlife known as "The Good Place" a highly selective heaven-like utopia that Michael designed, however she realises that she was sent there by mistake and must hide her morally imperfect behaviour while trying to become a better and more ethical person. 

I've managed to get so many people hooked onto this show, the twists and turns in every season always hooks me so I can't look away. The show follows Archie Andrews life in the small town, exploring the darkness hidden behind it's seemingly perfect image along with Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge. 

We've all seen this haven't we? If you haven't, where have you been and why are you still reading this? I binged the whole season on Boxing Day (I was recovering from surgery so that's my excuse, I don't have one for the others) and honestly it's so messed up, but I can't wait for the next season. The show follows Joe (although we all know it's Dan and he just moved away don't we?) becoming infatuated with an aspiring writer, Beck. Feeding into his obsession, he turns to social media to track her presence and removing every obstacle standing between their romance.

Pretty Little Liars
I've been watching this show since 2012, I think I've rewatched it a good 12 times since then, it's one of my all time favourite shows, ever. The story is set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania following the lives of five high school girls; Spencer, Alison, Aria, Hanna & Emily, whose clique falls apart after the leader of the group Alison goes missing. A year later the remaining friends are reunited when they begin receiving messages from a mysterious villain named "A" who threatens and tortes them for the mistakes and lies they've made and told before and after Alison's disappearance. 

Gossip Girl
I blooming love this show, another one that I've rewatched at least 10 times since it's aired. The show begins with the return of Upper East Side teenage 'it girl' Serena Van Der Woodsen from a mysterious absence, she's reunited with her frenemy Blair Waldorf and her mother Lily Van Der Woodsen, while she also meets Dan Humphrey (aka Joe from You), an aspiring writer from Brooklyn.

It took a while for me to get around to watch this, but I'm so glad I did, I fell in love with Mickey's character and how bad ass/strong that woman is. The show follows Mickey and Gus, exploring the male and female prospectives in their romantic relationships. Also highlighting addictions with alcohol, drugs, sex and love. 

I think I fell in love with this show because of my love for history, it's the only historical drama I've ever really become obsessed with. The series follows the early exploits of Mary Queen of Scots who faces political and sexual intrigue in the treacherous world of the French court. If you like historical dramas, then I highly recommend watching this.

Stranger Things
Everybody knows about Stranger Things by now, but I'm still mentioning it because I bloody love it. I'm so excited for season three in July! The show is set in a fictional town Hawkins, Indiana during the early 1980's. The series starts when Will Byers is abducted by a creature from the Upside Down, his mother Joyce and the police chief Jim Hopper search for him. At the same time a young psychokinetic girl called Eleven escapes from the Hawkins National Laboratory and assists Will's friends, Mike, Dustin and Lucas in their own efforts to find Will.

This is probably my favourite easy to watch show, although it has some insane twits and turns that you'd never expect. The show begins with heiress Fallon Carrington unhappy to find his billionaire father Blake engaged to Cristal, a rival employee of the family company. When Fallon's machinations to separate the couple backfire and cost her promotion, she allies with Blake's nemesis and former employee, Jeff Colby, and strikes on her own.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events
I've loved this story since I first read it in year 4 in primary school, the audio book, the actual book, the film.. I was obsessed, so obviously the series is going to be in my favourites. The series follows the Baudelaire orphans saddled with an evil guardian Count Olaf, who will do whatever it takes to get his hand on their inheritance. The show is spread over three seasons and is a must watch.

How To Get Away With Murder
It took me so long to give this show a chance and I'm not too sure why, I got hooked pretty much straight away and now I have to stop myself from re-watching it too much. The series starts with Annalise Keating, a law professor at a prestigious Philadelphia University who, with five of her students, becomes entwined in a murder plot. Five seasons of perfection if you ask me.

American Horror Story
I'm literally obsessed with this show, I mean maybe because I've fallen so in love with Evan Peters but also because of the insane storylines. So far there are 8 seasons, Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult, Apocalypse and 1984 which is airing this year. Honestly if you like weird shows that involve horror storylines then you'll love AHS, I just love that all the seasons are connected somehow. Please watch it! 

What are some of your favourite shows to binge on Netflix? I'd love some new recommendations!

Daisy x

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