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Getting To Know Me | 25 Facts About Me

Hey you! How are you?

I thought I would introduce myself, I'm Daisy, I'm a 23 (nearly 24) year old blogger from a small town in the East of England. To kick things off, I thought I would start off this little space on the blogosphere with some facts about me. I love posts like this probably because I am a bit nosy, so I really hope you enjoy these too!

1. I have 5 tattoo so far (Ankle, thigh, rib, wrist and back of my neck) and I do have plans for many more. 

2. My all time favourite colour is baby pink, although pastel blue is a close second, you wouldn't think that considering how much black I wear.

3. I have been vegetarian since I was 4 years old (that's nearly 20 years holy cow) and I've been vegan since 10 August 2018, it's coming up to my first veganiversary which is very exciting. 

4. I blooming love Disney, I have the entire Disney classics DVD collection and my dream is to go to a Disney park one day.

5. I have never been on a plane or left England before, although I'm hoping that will change this year.

6. I've never watched Game of Thrones or Star Wars.. Apparently that's shocking to some, maybe one day.

7. I am such a morning person, I love mornings. I'm usually up by 6am unless I've been up late, by late I mean anything after 10pm.

8. I have a slight candle addiction, I think I have 15 Yankee Candles in my wardrobe alone, that's not counting the ones I've been burning or for decoration. 

9. I haven't had many pets in my life, but growing up I had a Rottweiler called Angel, numerous goldfish and now I have a Rag-doll cat called Poppy.

10. I haven't always been a Hudson, it's a very long story but I changed my name in January 2017 and I've never been happier! Felt like such a weight had been lifted removing my old name from my life.

11. I cannot stand coffee, the smell or the taste! I hate putting it in chocolate cakes or brownies, but it's a must to get that incredible flavour.

12. I've never broken a bone (hoping I'm not jinxing this), but I have done everything else possible to my ankles. Growing up I was on a first name basis with the X-Ray department at my local A&E, you could say I was a little clumsy.

13. Legally Blonde is probably my favourite movie of all time, it's just the most inspiring girl power movie I've ever seen... I mean, didn't we all want to be Elle Woods at some point in our lives?

14. I used to be a huge wrestling fan, I watched religiously until I was like 17 I think, I've been to a WWE Live show and two house shows, travelled to a meet and great.

15. True Crime is my all time favourite genre, it's so interesting to learn about, although I do have a soft spot for anything with a strong female role.

16. I'm not much of a summer girl, never have been, my favourite seasons are definitely autumn and winter, if I can wear jumpers and boots I'm happy.

17. Speaking of seasons, my favourite weather when I'm outside is chilly but sunny, but when I'm inside I love it when it's raining, hailing and thunderstorms, it's so cosy especially if I've got the fire on and movies.

18. I have a mug addiction. I literally can't leave a cute mug in a store, I have to buy it.. I always have to have a mini mug clear out every couple of months but I get so attached to them it's difficult to let go of them. 

19. I love tea, but my favourite is probably decaf breakfast tea or nearly all fruit infused teas, I even bought a tea organiser so I had more room to store more tea.

20. I've never been big on horror movies, but I do like some of the classics like Friday the 13th, Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

21. Learning about Astrology and Star Signs is probably my favourite thing ever, if you know me and have a basic understanding of astrology you'll know that I am 100% your typical Cancer.

22. My favourite place to get away and recharge is Cromer, Norfolk. It was my favourite place as a child and there's something about sitting on the beach next to the pier listening to the waves that is so incredibly calming.. Plus I found two places that do vegan food so it's practically perfect.

23. I take Christmas very seriously, I usually start buying Christmas presents by June at the latest, which most people see as insane but I see it as extremely organised. I already have my Christmas cards ready to write and my list of who I need to write cards for.

24. My favourite meal ever has got to be a Vegan burger and sweet potato fries, pasta is a close second though.

25. I much prefer watching series over movies, I have to be in the right mood to watch a movie but I'm always in the mood to watch series after series. Netflix, Now TV and Prime Video are my besties.

I hope this has given you an insight into me and my life. I'd love to hear some facts about you in the comments below, let's get to know each other!

Daisy x

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