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My Favourite True Crime & Conspiracy YouTubers

I don't know about you, but I've loved try crime for as long as I can remember, I used to watch so many documentaries and those tv shows about wives killing their husbands, but since I've found the true crime and conspiracy side of Youtube.. I've been hooked. I mean, we all love a conspiracy don't we? If it's about Madeline McCan or 9/11, we all have our theories. So I thought today I would share with you a few of my favourite true crime and conspiracy YouTubers.

Shane Dawson
I think most of us found Shane when he was famous for his food related videos, but over the past few years he's most definitely transitioned into the conspiracy side of YouTube, he's covered so many that it's actually difficult to count and now that he's turned his conspiracy videos into a 2 part series on his channel, it's something you need to grab a lot of snacks for and be mind blown.

Kendall Rae
I've been watching Kendall for so long now, I think what drew me to her channel was that she did both true crime and conspiracy videos; she also features victims family members on her channel to tell the story of their missing or departed loved ones which truly brings a more personal touch to the story. Last year her husband and herself started The Mile Higher Podcast which is hands down my favourite, covering true crime, conspiracy's and extraterrestrial sightings.. the bonus part? Every episode is over an hour long.

Georgia Marie
This girl. I found Georgia so long ago through her midweek mystery videos and I have never seen someone put so much time and work into researching for a video, she has mentioned before that she can be researching up to or more than 40 hours a week for cases and her videos can be anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour long. Georgia also does a Serial Killer Spotlight on the last Saturday of every month, featuring some of my favourite cases to date.

Danelle Hallan
I think I've been watching Danelle since maybe her 5th video on her crime channel, she's the only YouTuber I watch who solely does true crime videos, from missing people, Jane Doe's, serial killers and found victims. She covers so many unknown cases that don't get much spotlight which is such an amazing way to use a platform. She also has a podcast with another true crime YouTuber called Crime After Crime, which is worth a listen too!

Who are your favourite True Crime or Conspiracy YouTubers, who else should I be watching?

Daisy x

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