Happy Veganuary my lovelies!

Let's get right into this shall we? I hate periods. I really do, they're messy and painful and the products we use to contain the dreaded time of the month are full of chemicals, plastic applicators, - period products typically aren't eco-friendly. For me, being more eco-friendly and aware of what I'm putting into my body is very important which is why I've teamed up with Natracare today to show you that you can have that awful week of the month and still be doing your bit for the environment and the animals we share our home with.

I used to be on the contraceptive injection which stopped my periods completely, it also made me gain a lot of weight, I was on this for 5 years until 2018 when I decided I would let the injection get out of my system and 6 months later I went on the contraceptive pill. I have quite heavy periods every month and they can be pretty painful so I try my hardest to have as much of a natural period as I can using - microwavable teddies or hot water bottles to ease the pain unless it's so bad that I need some kind of pain medication to help it.

I always hated the idea of using products that contain chemicals being inside my body but I never found any that made all natural products for periods until the lovely ladies at Natracare contacted me and asked if I'd like to try their products. Now I want to show you lovely people that natural periods can be a thing.

Natracare are a vegetarian and vegan friendly company that stand for everything I do. All of their materials are natural and they use 100% organic certified cotton for their products. They stand by the fact that periods should be plastic free, especially because plastic in our intimate products can lead to irritation. Have you ever had a period that leaves you feeling uncomfortable down below after? That could be why!

They have a wide range of vegan eco friendly products including applicator tampons, non applicator tampons, pads, panty liners, wipes, maternity pads and incontinence pads. Natracare really do cater for everyone as well as helping spread the message of how important our planet is and how we can make changes to help save it.

And if you're concerned about the applicator tampons, don't you worry! They include a cardboard applicator instead of the usual plastic applicator you find in other brands, as well as being wrapped in a paper packaging eliminating all plastic! Which does make you think, why aren't other companies doing their part and removing ingredients like plastic from their products?

All of this makes me so happy that I've found a company that really cares about the planet and what we're putting in our bodies as much as Natracare do, I've even seen a huge difference in how I feel using Natracare tampons vs drugstore tampons. It's amazing how vegan and eco-friendly products can feel different as well as feeling different mentally and I really do recommend trying this brand and supporting their business values.

In the United Kingdom, you can purchase Natracare products from Waitrose nationwide or from online stockists listed on their website.

Would you switch to a vegan, eco-friendly and plastic free period?

Daisy x

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