Hello my lovelies! I wanted to talk to you today about a restaurant that I absolutely love, I got the chance to speak to the man in charge and I couldn't not tell you about not only the food but the ethics behind the company which truly makes me want to be even more of a regular than I already am.

I first visited Argo Lounge in December of last year, the atmosphere of the cafe bar is so welcoming and I was so taken a back by how comfortable the staff made my mum and I, we honestly felt so welcome that we originally went in for some breakfast and we went back for lunch on the same day - every time we visit Peterborough now we always go to Argo Lounge for food. The Lounge is like a home away from home, the staff always go the extra mile to make you feel like you're wanted there and not just another customer. One of the girls who I met the first time made me feel so welcome that it's the reason I go back and will continue to go back.

The part I love the most about this place, is how everyone is welcome - they're dog friendly so you can bring your pooches with you for lunch, they have a vegan menu (which is why I visit regularly), a gluten free menu and they specialise in non alcoholic drinks like mocktails and even alcohol free beer. They pride themselves on making sure that every customer no matter their dietary requirements is welcome, if you have allergies then your food will be prepared in a different area to all of the other meals, with a flag placed with your food to alert the staff if you're vegan, gluten free or have an allergy.

The staff are very community driven as well which I think is very important, they hold community club events like The Argo Craft Club (which is held every Tuesday) and they're looking to hold more club's. It makes my heart happy when I see community driven establishments, mainly because I know it's not something that you see often anymore so I really hope to one day (when I can drive) attend more clubs at Argo Lounge in the future.

My personal favourite off the menu is their vegan breakfast, I substitute the mushrooms for more peppers because I must be the rare vegan who actually hates mushrooms. I'm slowly getting through the menu and finding more and more dishes I love. 

Have you visited before? If so, what was your favourite dish off the menu?

Daisy x

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* Includes gifted meal.