I decided to download dating apps around July of last year, and my gosh it's been a journey. I've deleted them all, re-downloaded again and repeat a few times over. Met some people who are now friends (queen of friend-zoning by accident apparently!) and met some people who I hope I never hear from again. My friends always find it funny when I tell them what people have said or done, especially if I've got screenshots. Overall, I've learned a lot on dating apps and some of it isn't that positive, so I thought I'd share with you all what I've learned in the past how ever many months it's been!

1. There is so much pressure to meet up straight away.
I'm a very guarded person and would prefer to chat on a dating app or something like snapchat to get to know someone a little to see if there's anything in common, if we'd even get on (I do this with any guy I decide to date or get into a relationship with, text or messenger to see if we'll even connect!). Nope! The amount of guys who'd say I was wasting their time if I wasn't going to "pop up" straight away, sorry but I'd like to know if you have a personality or not first. Plus, I need time to stalk properly to see if you are who you say you are, we can't be too careful these days.

2. Guy's cannot take rejection, at all!
I always have my snapchat and Instagram in my bio, because apparently if I don't I'm obviously a catfish (I don't get it but, okay.) and I had a guy randomly message me on snapchat and I asked who he was and what his profile was, when he showed me I apologised and said that he wasn't my type. He didn't like that at all. He sent me a very long message which I will quote for you, so you can be as shocked as I was. "I never got rejected by decent looking girls, you scruff. I didn't say lets go on a date, I messaged you on here. Stupid woman. Your face must not be worth showing you didn't even send a snap. Ewww cunt. Piece of shit. Illiterate council estate junk." I was in Durham at this point with my best friend Em and my exact reaction was that he wasn't worthy of even seeing my face, which I would've sent but he blocked me straight after that message (the screenshot is on my twitter, but it's a good scroll back!). But wow, some people just can't take rejection, can they?

3. If they have no personality, they instantly become so much less attractive.
I've matched with those classic ripped, model like guys before and when you talk to them, its the most bland chat you could ever dream of. I find that guys like this; they must think their looks will get them everywhere but honestly, it's the most unattractive thing if you have no personality. If you can't have an actual engaging conversation, no girl's going to be interested.

4. The amount of people wanting to pay for explicit things..
Props to people who have the confidence to ask for things like this, because damn it even surprised me. I've been asked everything from if I'd send used underwear to sleeping with a guy for £5,000. I've been asked multiple times if I wanted to be sugar baby by extremely unattractive older men, I have to say that because your girl does fancy a lot of actors over the age of 50 (who couldn't fancy Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Johnny Depp!?).

5. Just because I give you my snapchat, doesn't mean I want to see your dick.
I've chatted to a few guys on tinder, it goes pretty good and when they ask for my snap, I give it to them. I either receive a selfie first or a video of them touching their stomach down to their penis, or just simply a video or picture of an erect penis. Now, I don't quite understand why guys think that we'll fall head over heels for that, dicks ain't cute! Unless you love someone or at least fancy the pants off someone, that penis is not going to get you anything other than blocked or a very good insult to make you question your entire manhood. Don't be a dick, be respectful.

6. Showing off the fact you do drugs is not cool, it's really sad.
I've had a few guys that I've accepted on snapchat from dating apps thinking they seem pretty cool so I'll see if we connect. Then I receive videos of them smoking weed, or doing other drugs, or advertising their drug dealer prices. I'm sorry, but when did it become normal to wreck your entire life by doing that stuff? It's not hot, you're not cool in fact I feel very sorry for you that you spend your time like that. Then they get offended when I message back and say that if that's what they do, they may as well block me before I send their information to the police. Remember kids, that shit is illegal.

7. Apparently whether you're kinky or not, is all some guys want to know.
The amount of guys I've matched with who have either asked this on the app or on snapchat, the first question after "Hey" is mostly always "So, are you kinky?" I'm sorry what? You know nothing about me, we've barely spoken and you really think I'm going to answer such an intimate question from a random stranger? I don't know about you, but that's an immediate turn off and honestly puts me off speaking to any guy who'll ask that.

8. Sexual pick up lines are actually a huge turn off.
First impressions are everything, if you're going to make my first impression of you a sexual nature, I'm not going to even give you a second thought. I will always reply to anyone who sends a funny or sweet pick up line or even the guys who simply say hey and ask how you are. It really does give the impression that you're only thinking about sex, I'm not an object, I'm a person who loves a good conversation. It's such a shame that most guys miss out on talking to really nice girls because they ruined the first impression.

9. 21 Questions is just an excuse to ask explicit questions.
I couldn't tell you the amount of guys who ask to play 21 questions and instantly start asking what your body count is, what your bra size is, favourite position... It's so predictable now. I can tell you for a fact as well that some guys play it the same way with every girl and move in with the exact same questions, my best friend Em and I both talked to the same guy in our town and we compared what he said and it was the exact same thing to both of us. It was pretty funny discussing it because he was actually in the same place as us, damn it can be awkward when you see that guy on a weekly basis too!

10. Nice guys actually do exist.
I met a guy on hinge and I cannot tell you the huge impact he's had on my life already after just over a week of talking. He's truly shown me that there are gentleman out there who'll give you the romance that I truly deep in my heart thought was only in romance movies. After so many talks on our past, I actually came to the realisation the night before our first video chat date and I cannot tell you how much I cried when it hit me. I let guys who weren't worthy of me, basically ruin my entire view of romance, that the simplest of things weren't reachable and that it was normal to not be happy in a relationship. But that's changed thanks to this guy, he made me realise my worth in a relationship and even made me promise that if we don't work out, that I'd never give myself to someone who wouldn't give me their everything. He proved to me that there are nice guys out there, who'll make you feel like a princess and treat you the way you truly deserve to be treated. I cannot thank this guy enough, I'm sure my friends would want to thank this guy too for finally making me realise. But, if you're losing hope, don't. There's nice guys out there, and damn it feels good to know there are guys out there that are like Disney princes.

Have you used dating apps? If so, is there something I haven't listed that you've learned?

Daisy x