Happy late birthday to me! It's a weird feeling to say I'm now 25, I don't feel like I am, I'm not where I thought I would be and honestly that's okay - I don't feel ready to be where I thought I would be! It's a strange thing to be celebrating a birthday when it's still a global pandemic, not being able to hug my favourite people or go out to dinner with my best friend like we did last year, but if anything it's made me so much more grateful and thankful for the people I have around me. Since I've now reached the quarter century (thanks Kelly for making me realise this!) I decided to share 25 lessons I've learnt over my lifetime - I hope you can learn something from them or simply just enjoy this post!

1. You will find that forever friendship one day.
I never really had real friends growing up until I joined the wrestling fandom on twitter, I made the best online friendships especially with Dalya, Dan, Conor, Amber, Patryk & Michael and after 9 years, I still get to call them friends. Real life friends, I didn't have that until the last 2 years, I met Kelly and Zara at my gym and I'm so happy I met them, they make my life so happy and always have so many laughs with them. I also met my best friend Emily through instagram last year and honestly, best thing I ever did was hit that follow button - I've never felt luckier to have a best friend like her before, I know we'll be kicking our future husbands out on a regular basis for sleepovers and force our future kids to be besties too. I'm very lucky to have these people in my life now and I appreciate them so much more than I ever would have.

2. Removing toxic people from your life is always the best choice.
It doesn't matter who the person is, if they're toxic remove them. I've removed friends, boyfriends, family members and even my biological parents from their life. You should only have room for positivity in your life, people who bring light into your life and make you smile, anything less - say goodbye to them and take them time to heal from it.

3. You don't need alcohol to have fun.
I know with this generation everyone goes out at the weekend and that's really the only way you meet people now days, but honestly that's probably nice once or twice a year but what I really love is going to a friends for a cuppa and a chat, meet for a costa or dinner date - or even if we want a glass of wine, have it at home with a pizza, snacks and talk for hours. Honestly, I prefer that so much more!

4. Get that tattoo, get that piercing, dye your hair.
Do you really want to be 80 and wish you got that tattoo, or had that piercing or dyed your hair blue to see what it would look like? I definitely don't - I want to dye my hair crazy colours, get as many tattoos as I please and get whatever piercings I want so that when I'm 80 I can be having a cuppa with my Em and we can be laughing at the time we dyed our hair pink or something.

5. If someone cheats, throw that trash away.
When someone cheats, they have countless times to willingly stop what they're doing and they don't. So how can you believe someone when they say they love you, if they'd willingly go through with sleeping with someone else? You can't. You won't trust them, you'll put yourself through pain staying with them so save yourself that pain and throw them away, they're trash and they belong in the landfill.

6. It's okay if you don't know what you want to do growing up.
I hated the fact you had to decide in one year at such a young age what you want to be for the rest of your life, I hated school so I quit college the first chance I got - I worked as a barmaid, auction administrator, blogger, retail worker and now in 2020 just turning 25 I finally have an idea of what I want to do, so don't fret if you don't know what you want to do at 16.

7. Always pee after sex.
I know this sounds annoying, but ladies - would you rather get up to go and pee or spend the next week or so in pain with a UTI (urinary tract infection), I know which I'd rather.

8. Don't ever forget your suncream.
I've tried so many times to go out without putting any suncream on, forgetting that I'm pale, light haired and I will no doubt end up getting a touch of sunstroke. So please, learn from my mistakes I make every single year and don't forget the bottle of suncream!

9. Unless you need a degree, grades aren't everything.
I never wanted to go into further education, me and school never mixed. I didn't have any qualifications to my name and honestly, it's not stopped from doing anything. I'd only worry about grades if I wanted to be a doctor, therapist, scientist, architect etc. But, I've had 3 separate jobs, earn money through blogging and now own my own business with my only certificate being food and safety.

10. You can be healthy and still eat that cake or pizza.
This year was the year I finally realised this, but you can be healthy and eat cake, entire pizzas and doughnuts. As long as you're staying in a calorie deficit, drinking your water and exercising you can eat amazing foods. I lost 5 inches in January and guess what I was eating? A pizza every week, McDonalds twice or three times a week, fried breakfasts and eating cake. I still lost 5 inches off my body and ate some incredible food that I didn't feel guilty about in the slightest. It's incredible. 

11. Talk about your feelings.
After bottling everything up in my teens - I realised as an adult that even just sending a huge rant to a friend over text will help, you'll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I'm looking into therapists so that I can talk to someone about deep-rooted issues so I can move on from them and that's nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact it takes a lot for someone to make that jump to going to therapy. But, friends can do that too if you're not there yet.

12. If you're getting mixed signals, that's usually a very firm answer.
Mixed signals is the clearest signal you'll ever get. If they want you, they'll put in the effort and if they don't then you've got your answer - they don't want you. I know that's harsh but honestly, that has saved me from getting upset over guys so much this year and I hope it does for you too. They don't deserve your time, effort or love if they won't do the same for you.

13. Whether you're a night owl or morning person, you do you!
I tried being a night owl in my teen years, but honestly it wasn't for me. I love the mornings, love being up at stupid O'clock and getting stuff done while other people are sleeping. I have friends who won't be awake at 10am or till the afternoon and that's okay too. We can't all be the same.

14. You don't always have to be productive.
I love to stay productive, I'll always be that person who's up before 8am, doing chores, writing or baking but that doesn't mean I'm that person every day of the week. Sometimes, my productivity is binging a season on Netflix, playing animal crossing and remembering to eat all 3 meals. You can never be the ideal image of productivity every day of your life, you need to have those days where you essentially do nothing but it's perfect for your mind to recharge! 

15. If someone isn't excited about you succeeding, they're not real friends.
I've wanted to start my own cake business a few times over the years, over those years I had "friends" telling me that it wouldn't go anywhere, to get a real 9-5 job or even that I wasn't going to get any orders at all. Now? I have friends actually excited when I tell them ideas I have, when I show them updates and they actually get excited. Especially Em, she's like my number one supporter and having her in my life makes me feel like I can do anything and achieve everything I set my mind to. That is the kind of friend everyone needs, that is a true friend. 

16. Happiness will find you, it will always find you eventually.
Whether its form a break up you never think you'll get over or a battle with depression you think you'll never win - I'm here to tell you, you will. You'll find the light in life again, the happiness in laughter and you'll wake up one day and think wow - I've overcome this and I can start healing, I can make my life happy again and I can enjoy every moment of it. You'll get there.

17. It's okay to be on medication, in fact - it's something to be proud of.
Medication gets a really bad rep for some reason, but honestly it saved my life. I was suicidal and I was put on 2 different antidepressants, once the second one started to work I was on the road to recovery. Because of taking that tablet every day, I can live my life knowing that I'm kicking depressions ass every day, fighting that battle in my mind and doing it with a genuine smile and genuine happiness and honestly, I think taking medication is bad ass because of that reason.

18. You're allowed to cut contact with the people who birthed you.
Whether you share the same blood or not, you have NO obligation to have contact with anyone you don't want too. I've cut contact with my biological parents, had police statements and even a harassment warning issued because of them and honestly, I wouldn't think twice about getting both of them arrested if they come near me. I can tell you one thing, I won't even attend their funerals one day - they are nothing to me and that's fine, because I don't need people who traumatised me as a child in my life and neither should you!

19. Water is your BEST friend.
Honestly, if you're not drinking 2+ litres a day then you need too! I drink 2-4 litres a day and my skin has improved, my mind has improved and I actually lose a little bit more weight than I usually do. Remember the fact you are basically a walking water bottle too, you need to top yourself up!

20. Friendship is a two way street, don't drain your energy with one sided ones.
I had so many one sided friendships in the past and honestly, I'll never drain myself of that kind of energy again. The friends I have now put in as much effort as I do, we make plans when we find a time we're both free, have catch ups when we can over the phone and that is what I always wanted.

21. Learning to love yourself is life changing.
After spending most of my life hating my body, I made the choice to throw myself into a fitness journey this year and let me tell you - it's changed my life already. My mental health has changed more than anything and because of that, I feel more confident to wear things that I'd never dreamed of before, I even go to town in crop tops now showing off my lumps and bumps and honestly, it's the best feeling ever to not give a shit anymore.

22. Keeping a diary is the best thing I ever did.
Since switching from my phone calendar to a physical diary, my life has felt more organised. Keeping my diary on my chest of drawers so I can physically see my tasks and to-do lists for the day and checking them off throughout the day is making me much more productive! 

23. Never let someone make you feel guilty for being busy.
I've seen it a lot recently with starting my own busy, people think I won't ever see them again but here's the catch - I'll only make time for people I love and want to see anyway, so trust me it's not because I'm busy.

24. Shopping for Christmas early will SAVE you!
I already have Christmas presents ready for this year, I actually get some presents in Boxing Day sales, stuff that I could give as stocking fillers but I start my serious Christmas shopping on my Birthday. I can tell you one thing, spreading the cost over 6 months and leaving yourself enough time to really plan someone's present, best thing I ever started doing. 

25. Spend quality time with the ones you love most.
You never know how long you're going to have with someone, so make sure you spend quality time and make memories with the people you love. It could be a movie day with a partner, photoshoot and dinner with a friend or a weekend away with your mum - you'll be grateful to have those memories.

Daisy x