*This post contains gifted items.

Being vegan, I try to use only cruelty free and vegan products when it comes to beauty, cleaning etc but I didn't actually understand the damage that buying fast fashion really is on the environment. After doing research into it in lockdown, I've completely changed my views on it, instead of jumping to fast fashion sites I've been going to depop and seeing if anyone is selling something similar to what I want and getting it from there instead, or searching for companies that have the same ethical values that I do and supporting their business instead of jumping to a fast fashion site or store.

I know shopping with sustainable companies isn't always the cheapest, but I've definitely got the point in life where quality is so much more important to me when buying products than if I can get something similar from a cheap fast fashion store where it won't last 5 minutes.

Ethics are very important to me when I'm shopping now, which is why I only want to buy staple pieces, secondhand or from vegan companies like Kula. Kula was created at the end of 2019 when the owner was introduced to a backpack made from paper. After seeing how durable the materials was, he realised there was an opportunity to create a unique range of bags that were also sustainable, in a world of fast fashion he wanted to create products that would not only last longer, but have a better impact on the environment - which is incredibly important to me as well when I'm buying products.

What makes Kula bags 100% vegan and a lot more sustainable than other faux leather options is the material they use, all of the current bags are made with Texon Vogue - a durable, practical and washable paper which is accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and Oeko-Tex. As a sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan company, they are hoping to continue to find new ways of using recycled materials to improve the quality of bags (which we love companies who always want to be improving no matter how incredible they already are) and to make them better for the environment.

I've been looking for a sustainable, vegan backpack for months now - something that would hold everything I'd need whether it was going to a cafe to do some laptop work, staying overnight at a friends house or as my carry on for flights. It's very important for me to be able to have enough space for my laptop, diary, book and anything else I need like make up, water bottle etc and have a safe place for my phone if I don't want it in my pocket or in my hand (where it usually is).

First impressions are everything and I was so happy when I received the parcel, the box was the beautiful Kraft style box with the Kula logo, inside the beautiful Kula branded tissue paper protecting the bag perfectly. I was impressed at how pristine the tissue paper was, it's such a thick durable quality so you know the bag is safe inside! When I took the packaging off I fell in love instantly. I knew when I looked at the website that the Salford bag was for me, the exact style I'd been looking for and it did not disappoint.

The material is so unique to anything I've ever owned before, the inside lining is a beautiful bronze material, so soft and the kind of material you know will last! The outside material still amazes me, it has the paper bag feel but also feels incredibly durable. The material is washable, waterproof and as strong and durable as a canvas bag - which is so important if you carry far too much like I do! 

The storage in the bag is so handy, you have the big pocket at the front which will hold quite a lot, the hidden pocket at the back for your phone - which holds my iPhone XR perfectly with loads of extra room, so if you have a larger phone then it will still fit perfectly! Inside the backpack, you have the classic zip pocket at the back, with a large pocket that fits my MacBook Air 13" as well as I'd be able to fit my charging cable in the pocket as well, with more room. Two pockets on the large pocket I just mentioned, a further 2 pockets on the front side of the interior of the backpack. In total, 8 separate pockets for storage, not including the obvious part of the backpack for storage.

I'm definitely someone who carries far too much with me, if I'm going to a friends house, to a cafe or travelling then I will always have my MacBook Air with me, I've always got my diary on me (with a new business I need to always be prepared for orders!), hand sanitiser, emergency medication in case I stay over somewhere, my purse, AirPods, keys, love elixir perfume by WitchCake and a few poetry books in case I need some time away from technology. With basically carrying everything but the kitchen sink, I need a bag that will be able to withstand it - this bag does exactly that!

I've never been happier with a bag before, it's hands down my favourite bag I own and the fact its 100% vegan and eco-friendly makes it even more special. I cannot wait to see what bags Kula release in the future so I can expand my collection and eventually have only vegan and eco-friendly bags!

You can find the Kula Salford backpack  here on their website for £35, along with their other bags - I highly recommend this company and I'm so excited to own more of their bags in the future. Hands down my favourite bag company right now!

Do you own a Kula bag yet? Or even a 100% vegan, eco friendly bag?

Daisy x