*Contains PR Meal

I was kindly invited to Argo Lounge in Peterborough to their VIP Evening before their re-opening day which is today! Just like all of us, I was very nervous to go to a restaurant again but I love the staff at Argo Lounge and working with them previously I know their customers are their top priority so I knew they'd be following all the rules and would make the evening as safe as possible and I wasn't wrong!

As this is my birthday week there was only one person I'd ever want to bring with me and that's my favourite human Em (You can find her over on her blog and instagram) to share such a special evening with me.    

Argo Lounge has introduced some new features to their restaurant which I was very impressed by, not only my favourite part which is their menus are now recyclable and disposable, but they also have a new contactless system where you can order and pay through your phone. We decided to do the old fashioned ordering at the till, but next time I'm definitely going to be ordering and paying through the app. They've also reduced the capacity in the restaurant itself to ensure social distancing and their food is available for takeaways now in case you're not quite comfortable dining just yet!

For our mains we decided to order the Vegan Beyond Cheese Burger, this was my first time trying this burger, but I know Em has had it previously and I was so impressed. I don't usually like burgers that have a meat texture, but this was delicious! It was so filling along side the fries and coleslaw. As you can see, there was nothing but love when I was eating this burger! We also had a pink lemonade and watermelon iced tea to drink, which I would highly recommend.

For dessert we decided to share two desserts because we just couldn't choose, so we had a slice of carrot cake as well as a dark chocolate and orange tart, along side a soy latte for Em and a soy hot chocolate for me. The desserts were incredible, I've never had desserts from Argo before, but I'll definitely be ordering another dessert next time!

Overall, the entire evening was a dream. I'm so thankful to have been invited to share the experience of their VIP Evening to celebrate their opening today, even more thankful that I got to share the experience with my best friend.

If you're around the Peterborough area, I highly recommend popping into Argo Lounge and checking out the new experience of dining! I cannot wait until I can go back and try some of the new items on their menu, it's definitely my favourite place to eat in the city centre and has been the only place I'd go since my first visit last year!

Will you be going to any restaurants anytime soon? 

Daisy x